Growing Our Exhibition and Collection Space

Remodeling a portion of the existing art storage and support areas into four new galleries will almost triple the Museum’s exhibition space to enhance the art-viewing experience. The sequence of galleries will occupy the full length of the building and can provide varying spatial conditions to display different artwork. New multi-purpose exhibition space at the expansion will connect to the existing Bretta B. Sullivan Gallery on the north side, and the expanded galleries will allow the public to see more work from the collection.

In addition to dedicated galleries with more traditional displays, many spaces in the Museum will become flexible for different exhibitions and art events. They can accommodate various forms of art: projections, immersive installations, time-based art, or other performances. The terraces on each floor of the building provide secure outdoor display opportunities. With all these spaces for different forms of art, the Tampa Museum of Art will strengthen its role as a leading cultural destination in the region.

New Galleries Open
Fall 2022
Exhibition and Collection Space
43,000 sq. ft.
Outdoor Sculpture Terrace
5,950 sq. ft.