Expanding Our Education Space

One of the Centennial Renovation and Expansion’s goals is to expand the presence and visibility of the Tampa Museum of Art’s educational outreach. To enhance the Museum’s growing education program, the renovation will repurpose the existing southeast corner on the ground level into an education wing. This redesign entails extending the ground floor to the east, adding approximately 1,700 square feet, to create a new education entry lobby. This welcoming new lobby, located directly adjacent to the school bus drop-off location, will provide easy access for students.

Repurposing the existing storage room into four new classrooms and a lounge will allow multiple classes to take place simultaneously. A transparent glazing system at the facade will amplify the educational program’s visibility from Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park and the Glazier’s Children’s Museum. By designing these classrooms to facilitate specific class types, such as multi-media, family programs, and sculpture, the new education wing will enable the Museum to further its engagement with Tampa’s diverse community.

New Classrooms Open
Spring 2022
Education Space
12,000 sq. ft.
Students Served
24,000 per year